Pencil or pen?

For AM session? What is the best? I never wrote in pencil, but it’s good to be able to erase.

What is your experience?

I’m in between on this too.

With a pen, I write very clearly. But I can’t erase.

With a pencil, I write like crap. But I can erase.

With a mechanical pencil, I write too hard so I rip pages. But I write clearly.

With an erasable pen, theoretically the best of both worlds. But the ink quality is horrendous and doesn’t erase very well.

I’ll just stick with a pen and cross things out if I need to.

Pen. I believe a similiar thread had been started earlier, where someone said that CFAI no longer allows attempting the written section with pencils.

Personally, I write better with pens and cant imagine having to sharpen my pencil every few minutes to make sure my answer is legible

*For the essay portion of the exam, it is strongly recommended that you use a blue or black ink pen."

So I guess green ink is okish?

Best to use Blue/Black.