What is better to use, pencil or pen? Also, they say ink pen? What do they mean by ink pen???

Use whichever is more comfortable for you.

By ink pen they mean pen.

I’m going to use a pen for the essay and pencil of course for the multiple. The pen has the issue of not being erasable!

Is ball point pen fine?

It is.

Not this again…


Can we use both blue and black pen, like write in blue and highlight in black (time permitting)?

Use red pen to emphasis important words that can distract the grader.

Seriously now. You’ve made it to level 3 and probably have a fair amount of undergrad. experience and you are asking such a trivial question?

#ballpointssuck #noreally #dontmakemetellmywriterscrampstoryagain

Pencil…don’t be a hero.

ma bro Tyrone is asking if the papers used to print the exam are thick enough for him to use his Fountain pen cause regular papers cant hold the pen and bleed all over, is it ok?

It will bleed!

quill pen or no pen

E-mail CFA Institute to see if you have to bring your own inkwell and blotter, or if they will supply those.

It’s been so long since I took the Level III exam that I honestly cannot recall.

I starting using a blue pen that I really like… Is blue okay? or black only?

Piece of advice: In the AM use pencil for circling choices (e.g. Risk Tolerance Below average or Above Average) but use pen otherwise. Pencil lure you to erase answers for perfection and will eat time during the exam. PM with pencil though.

I’m going to use a pen for the multiple choice. I like to live dangerously.