Pencil vs Pen>


U using pen or pencil for essay angel


Uni-ball eye micro (Mitsubishi). Great pens! Got 3 of them for the exam in case they fail.

blue or black?

Blue pen, cause I like the way it looks when underlining or circling stuff in the vignette. Just stands out a little better.

Pen. Black.

i was under the impression that only pen is permitted in the AM session. either way, i’d go pen. you don’t want to waste time erasing pencil anyway, easier to just cross out answers (as i had to do a few times last yr sad)

Blue should be much better readible. But they will grade anything. Even pencil, although it’s often harder to read for them.

CFA Institute encourages you to use a pen, but you’re allowed to use a pencil.

Do you think it’s ok to use 2 different pens? I think about using an erasable for circling in template questions and a gel-pen for everything else. Will that be ok if it’s the same color?

Any pen suggestions? I’ve been doing mocks with a generic staples brand pen. I tend to hover over the paper when I wright and I think the smell of the ink is giving me a headache

I love my mitsubishi uni-ball eye micro!

I bought these erasable pens (frixion). Package says “not recommended for use on legal or official documents” and “do not expose to extreme temperatures (<14 f, >140 f)”. Think there’s any risk in using erasable pen?


Gonna use an erasable pen as well.

Does yours say the same thing?

arggh…there are so many thing we cannot bring in, even ruler, why is that so?

Why is everyone biased against the pencil here? Much better when working on templates I think.