Hey all, I know the pencil must be HB #2, and that people have said mechanical pencils are allowed, however are they going to check the pencil? I know on most mechanical pencils it doesn’t state that they are HB #2 compliant (even though it states it on the box). The box of my mechanical pencil (which I can’t bring into the test) says its HB #2, however that would suck if I can’t use it on the exam because it doesn’t mention #2, or HB on the casing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! (I will most likely default and bring both mechanical and non-mechanical).

They don’t care/check what you use. If you use a regular pencil that’s not HB/#2, or a mechanical one with the wrong kind of lead it’s your problem, not theirs.

Thank you for clarifying. So in other words, if your pencil isn’t HB/#2, then the scantron machine might not register your answers and you are SOL…got it.

if u score <50% on every section, u can pay $100 to have them manually redo it, I think that’s how it goes…

Is HB #2 the same was 2B?

People. Just buy a freaking pencil. Stop being so freaked.

kant Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > People. Just buy a freaking pencil. Stop being so > freaked. lolol

Is HB 2 1/2 acceptable.

I have a 24-incher-superman-capped-pencil [yellow] … does that work?

good one dinesh…lol edit: guys, most mechanical pencils come with HB-2 which is totally alright. cpk also mentioned in another thread that 2B’s work better on the scantron.

Is this thread ethical?

you guys are too much lol

all my pencils have big feathery things on them or little minature animals on a spring.

And for some serious education about pencils, try: (That’s Milton Friedman, btw).

That was impressive, never thought of how a simple pencil is the result of pulling together the productive capacity of the planet. Thanks for the link, Joey, loved it!