Pencils, Pens or Eraserable pens!!!

The admission tickets are out now, but the exam policies state that level 3 candidates must use pens. No pencil sharpeners are allowed.

After reading this, I am more inclined to use pens for the am section.

What are using for the am section?

Pencil Sharpeners are allowed, they just won’t be provided by the test centre staff … you have to bring your own. I’ll be using a pen in the morning section.

erasable pen is an option

This topic is to Level III what Schweser/CFA is to Level II what HP/TI is to Level I.

Official policy is no pencils, but no one has ever reported not having their exam graded for using one. That said, the official ON-SITE test center instuction manuals given to the proctors clearly state that only pens are allowed (they also instruct the proctors not to disturb candidates for using pencils).

I came prepared to use a pencil. I took my test with an erasable pen.


My lord just follow the directions.

Pencil sharpeners weren’t provided at Levels 1 or 2, either, so I’m not sure how this is any different.

I called CFAI, and they said that they prefer pen. But if you write in pencil, it will still be graded.

I plan to use blue pen for AM and mechanical pencil for PM.

If you use a blue pen, is there a specific shade of blue? There’s royal blue, light blue, navy blue,

I asked CFAI about this. Mechanical pencils are allowed - and, presumably, all the lead you deem necessary.

I will probably bring a couple pens, but my preference will be to write the entire exam in pencils.

Some of you said “official policy is no pencil”. That only applies for the AM section right? How would they grade PM section’s scantrons marked by pens?

Ignore my question. It’s late and I can’t think straight. Pen for AM, Pencil for PM

P for PM, P for pencil.

A for AM, A for . . . never mind.