…are we allowed to bring in automatic ones? If not, I’ll have to carry a whole lot of the (outdated?) wooden ones- I hate writing with a blunt pencil tip…

yeah bring mechanical. most of them are the right kind of lead (graphite). it has to be something like hb soft lead, but pretty much 99% of mechanical pencils out there are the right kind.

won’t circling things with mechanical pencil will take longer than wooden pencil? S

i dont see why circling would take longer… and by the way, you have to be bubbling in your answers.

mechanical graphite sticks come in thicknesses of 0.5mm or 0.77mm… wooden ones are thicker in general… greater surface area, so lesser the strokes, lesser the time consumed/the effort… isn’t it ?

Bring 3-5 sharpened ordinary cedar pencils and a small sharpener. No risk of a technical malfunction during the test…

I will use wooden pencil will bring 5 pencil 2 sharpener and 2 eraser 3-4 pen :slight_smile:

I don’t plan on bringing an eraser. I don’t make misstakes

you just misspelled mistakes