Pension Obligation / Expense

Are there different equations for finding out PBO and expense based on 1. SFAS 158 2. US GAAP 3. IFRS Or is SFAS158 = US GAAP Thanks for your responses

I think there are no diff in finding out PBO and expense bw the standards. Only big diff is about what to report on BS bw GAPP (funded status) and IFRS (smoothed funded status). And yes, SFAS = US GAPP.

There is a difference between GAAP and IFRS on how they report the pension expense. GAAP allows for Actual ROA reporting where IFRS just reports Expected ROA. (look it up, I’m serious here). Also, GAAP has the ‘net transition liability’ in their pension expense. Whatever amortized items (actuarial loss, net transition liability, past service cost) is not included in the pension expense is included in equity; whereas in IFRS it’s included in the pension asset.