Has anyone gone through the Employee compensations readings? I am so confused with pension problem of the curriculum. All numbers look same to me!!! HUh!!! any advice how to deal with it will be welcomed…


No advice but I sympathize. Pensions are a PITA. When I sat for the CPA Exam, I intentionally skipped Pensions because a) it was a PITA, b) I didn’t thkink I would ever come across it in practice, c) I knew I didn’t need it to pass

And now here it is on the CFA exam. Just take your time with it. Like everything else, it ultimately makes sense.

I found this older Analysts Forum post to be pretty helpful …

Get wiley notes for Pension. Initially I also had problems, after I read from wiley, it was so easy

DB plan is the issue, not DC. In my area and everday work DB even does not exist, so this is the only screwed area of FRA for me as well. I will try provide advices once when catch the routine in pensions chapter understanding.

I saw IFT videos of no help, then i read schweser notes still confused and now i left the chapter in between. WIll get back to it with a fresh mind…

thank you for the link. I ll go through that. i am leaving this reading for now as its giving me stress.

The explanation is amazing thanks for the link

Thanks for the link. Now, hard study through material seems necessary.

Pensions are easy.

…for those who are planning to retire soon :slight_smile:

I actually enjoy this reading laugh

I actually enjoy CFA material as a whole, but it doesn’t mean that certain parts cannot make me crazy.

As you wrote on another topic, repetition is “the mother” of studying.

Echoing someone above, if you have a copy of the 11th hour guide. Look at the pension information in there. Use that as the starting point and chart out all the different affects and then go read the CFAI curriculum and fill in detailed information if need be.