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Can somebody tell me adjustments to be made to the GAAP reported statement too convert them to the IFRS reported statements.

What i dont see in particular is why actual returns on assets is added to the other income?? to the other income, whether in ifrs or gaap, only the difference between the expected and the actual is added so while adjusting.

Lastly how is the reporting thing actually carried out in GAAP. It says entire net pension expense is reported as a single line in GAAP under operating expense and it also says previous years pension adjustments and actuarial gains and losses go to the OCI(From where it is amortized subsequently). What exactly is happening here?? Which account is reported in which manner??

US GAAP and IFRS report the same balance sheet figure ie PBO - Fair value of plan assets. IFRS uses the term PVDBO instead of PBO but this is exactly the same.

The income statement cost is exactly the same under both GAAP and IFRS ie total periodic cost = funded status - contributions = economic pension cost

However GAAP differs with IFRS in that the split of the total period cost is split differently between operating expenses (top part of the statement of comprehsive income - ie income statement I/S) and the OCI as follows:


Current service costs (same) I/S I/S

Past service costs OCI first and then amortised I/S

Interest costs I/S I/S (NET interest )

Expected return I/S No (see above )

Actuarial gain/losses OCI first and then amortised OCI not amortised)

Therefore under US GAAP the pension expense shown in operating expense in I/S is:

  1. Current service costs
  2. Past service cost (only the amortised portion)
  3. Interest costs
  4. Less expected return
  5. Acturial gains/loss

IFRS pension costs shown in operating expense (I/S) is:

  1. Current service costs
  2. Past service costs (all recognised in current period)
  3. Net interest costs (IFRS doesnt use expected return)

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