People doing Schweser weekly on-line seminar

Where are you guys? I did it last year but I am just reading CFAI books this year. Just wondering what the “official” schedule is. Finished Ethics, Quant and Econ- starting FSA tomorrow- woo hoo!

We have gone through ethics, quant, econ and now on corp finance. Andrew Holmes is a good teacher. Non stop action. We had two classes this week so they can wrap up the lectures a month before the exam to allow for review. I like that idea. Finishing up derivatives two weeks before the exam is not much help. Good luck with the FSA.

I am curious. Why aren’t you using the lectures this time? I do not find them very useful, as he seems to be covering the book verbatim. I am think about quitting the lectures.

I’m behind in the lectures and missed the two this week. I’ve been swamped at work like never before and it’s starting to hurt. But I’ll always do some class like this (even if just on - line, and even if I don’t get to them all) as an easy way to set the pace. Right now is probably a good example. I wouldn’t necessarily feel so pressured to crack the whip and catch up if I weren’t accutely aware that I’ve essentially cut the first four classes of the semester! PL Darienite

Thanks goes to eleven. Feel good about getting to the meat of it. lxada269, I am the type of person who does best reading from a book, not an auditory type. I also found Smaby’s lectures a bit, for lack of a better term, piecemeal in nature: jumped around too much. plyon, I grew up in Darien on Five Mile River Rd. I just sold my place near Rowayton Seafood off Crocket Street- 5 Craw Ave. Great place as a bachelor. My fiance and I just bought a place in Wilton- liking the square footage and scenery. Have a good friend who lives in Delafield and another on Tokeneke Rd. Ahhh, the Darien days. Did you grow up there? Darien is great, but to be honest, it sort of distorts your sense of reality…

Didn’t grow up here, but we’ve been here nearly 10 years. Sold 'da manse about 18 mos. ago in a moment of uncharacteristic prescience and we’ve been renting on a private island near Noroton Bay since then (very nice–high tide comes up under the living room; lot’s of fun in a storm). Market hasn’t gotten as crushed as I would have liked thus far, and my wife is getting impatient so we might have to bite the bullet. I’ve had plenty of reality in my life up until now (and still do for the 50 or 60 hours a week I spend in mid-town Manhattan). I welcome distortion on the weekends and evenings as much as I did when I was single :slight_smile:

Well you must be referring to Pratt Island. Nice bit of Darien. I know the Nash family. Last summer we decided the housing market was stubborn to adjust to reality, so we rented for six months in Ridgefield. We closed two weeks ago. I don’t know if we timed the bottom, but we certainly did a lot better than we would have last Summer. I am engaged, soon to be married, and I am getting used to it. Good luck with your home search.

Actually I’m renting from the Nashs – the green house next to the gazebo. It’s just a summer cottage, really, but with a ten million dollar view of the sunrise over Long Neck Point. Agreed the market’s been stubborn to adjust to my reality!

Wow- small world! That is definitely a $10MM view. I used to do a lot of fishing around that area. Want to buy a 22 foot Grady White called Hiatus? I am selling- gotta pay for a wedding in Jamaica. I am sure the wife will approve…

Believe it or not, my wife just turned down a slip at the Nash family dock (which is, of course, a mere 200 yards from my front door). I think it was something like 4K / year. Her reasoning: We don’t have a boat. How short sighted is that??? The again she spent the day with a modular home builder looking at plans so I may not be here as long as I’d like to be (which is anything short of dying here).

Oh man,the cottage gets better! Maybe you bargain some how- just one more summer! We just looked at a cool modular home in Wilton. It was a 3BR 2500 sq foot deal. I looked at their site and saw some really nice ones in 3500 sq foot range- and they are energy efficient, perfectly plum and less expensive to build. GL

Is that Westchester Modular? We’re seriously considering having them build us something in the 4,000 sq ft range here in Darien (we’ve got our eye on a lot…). Agreed the construction is quicker and stronger, but they could still be cheaper than they are for modular.

Douglas Cutler architects. This place is 4,250- a little big for two peeople but with kids, there is plenty of over flow- important! My fiance wants 4…

Interesting… we’ve been talking directly to Westchester, an integrated company (they make the boxes and do the finish work and help consumers design plans).