People have officially lost it

Artisanal ice is now a thing. _ Ice _

What’s crazy is why bar owners have been pressured by hipsters to use a spherical ice cube in the first place, given that under the dimensional constraints of a cocktail glass a sphere with a certain diameter displaces only approximately half of the volume of a corresponding cube which fits in the same glass. What a waste.

One purpose of the spherical shape is to minimize surface contact area in the liquid. Based on that you said though, perhaps a half sphere would be more efficient.

That can’t be right. Ice of any shape will have 90% of its volume in the water and 10% outside, based on its specific gravity (aka density.)

Only if all the ice “cubes” are free to float on the surface. Most of them get pushed entirely below the surface.

^Not sure what kind of diluted watery drinks you order brahs, but while ice floats in water it does sink in alcohol. If it’s a hot day and I’m thinking of changing my serving of neat whiskey to one on the rock(s), the ice will stay down at the bottom of my glass. But I guess when you order your raspberry tonic & proseco, ice cubes tend to float on top?

1recho… you just entered a nerd fight with with a guy named mobius strip. Unwise.

The molecular structure of liquid alcohol is very different than that of liquid water and more complex. In particular, the spacing between molecules in liquid alcohol is larger per unit volume than that of ice. In other words, the density of alcohol is less than the density of water (either ice or liquid). For this reason, the ice cube will sink at the bottom of a glass of alcohol.

(This moment of clarity was inspired by Frank the Tank, who once explained the role of government in promoting innovation in the field of biotechnology.)


I think the reasoning (and Mobius can do the math) for a big ball of ice instead of cubes is that the ball doesn’t melt as fast. So, you’re able to sip your ice-cold vodka on the rock(s) without it getting watered down if you don’t finish it in 10 minutes (which you should, pussies).

I prefer squared ice cubes in my drinks. Round ones are really tacky

^ correct! That’s how I make my Hibiki drink…with a big round ice cube.

I use whiskey stones when I don’t want a drink watered down but I generally like one cube of ice to open up the whisky.

Natty Lights are already watery enough, so no ice in my drinks.

Sure. If you want another ball in your face…

Which is the other ball? We need to know.

Well she is married so it’s pretty clear.

I am yet to find mine :expressionless:

Not meaning to offend, but if you are picky about the shape of the cubes in your drink I can only imagine the difficulties you have had finding the “right guy.”

maybe this is why? PA could be on to sometjing…

I’m not sure I followed.

Your poor husband.