people! l2 / l3 link

Saw the discussion and immediatley checked. Got the L III link. I have overseen IT projects (one in major bank) in the past (without being a real it person myself); and I know that working on a budget and thus accepting “sub-par” solutions is more common than you might think. Therefore, I believe that the whole link thing might really be a glitch / something they hoped none of the candidates would notice. On the other hand, there are some people who seemed to know alot before the test and now have the L2 without the checkmark. That really makes me question the relevance of the whole discussion (consider Dinesh) nuff said. Am now going to ride my bike and will not check the forum and the cfai webpage until 8:50 eastern time on tuesday. this is crazy.

That makes a lot of sense, but normally intelligent and rational people are now having difficulty remaining in that state as they see a lot of other people getting the L3 link while they still have the unchecked L2 exam registration deal. I know that all of this could be just noise. Hell in everyplace I’ve ever worked things didn’t make sense to many internal users of systems…there is no way an outsider could make sense of things…still…it pisses me off.

I know. Makes me just as nervous as every one else. That’s why I just HAVE to log-off now… :wink: and ride my bike…