People stuck around for the afternoon session

I heard that many candidates don’t show up for the afternoon session. I don’t recall seeing empty seats that hadn’t also been empty in the morning. I’m glad. I think it’s really dumb to not show up for the afternoon session. Even those who have no chance of passing can at least get a feel for the exam.

I was surprised so many people showed up for the exam, barely any empty seats. People who have taken the test in the past always, comment on the number of no shows. But this year there were very few. Now we wait and see whether that a good thing or a bad thing.

definitely more people this year showing up and remaining for the entire exam. probably cause of the bad job market and more individuals paying on their own since companies are getting cheap with it

Yes a lot of people showed up in the morning, but at my test center (CAL), a lot of people didn’t show for the afternoon. The guy next to me kept groaning and putting his head in his hands. Poor guy. I talked to him at lunch and he said it was unrealistically hard and that he had studied a full month before hand, so he couldn’t understand what he did wrong. I just sat there kind of dumbfounded…

Actually, my exam center has practically 1 section that’s empty. I’m guessing it’s some of the Indian candidates that canceled at the last minute (since they can now take the exam in their home country last time I heard).

Only about 30% of the people in my section even showed up the exam. There was nobody sitting next to me for a 2 seat radius. All of them however did show for the afternoon session.

Same here, no one sitting in front, behind, and on my left. There must have been something like 20% empty seats for my section!