People who are losing hope and also those who registered but dont plan to write

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and write both sessions of the exam. Even if you know you are going to fail, you should help those who have studied by coming to increase the fail rate and lowering the global MPS, giving us a slightly better chance of passing.

There’s also a chance of you passing by circling all the answers as all A or B or C.

At least you can come and see what type of question they asked so it will help you when you write the exam in 2014.

Should have led with this to AT LEAST soften the blow of a very selfish request.

I’m counting on you Pierre to skip entire derivatives like you promised.

Many thanks.


Stop worrying about other people and just study as much as possible and do your best…who cares what others do ill pass if I know the info, fail if I don’t…worse case we don’t pass and guess what it’s not the end of the world…just relax most people that make a ton of money don’t have their Cfa…just relax and enjoy the knowledge we are picking up along the way…no reason to stress…we’re all better off no matter what for doing it and learning more