People who send an email with that red exclamation point in Outlook

Why? It’s not like I’m going to ignore your email if you don’t use it. Anyone else find this a little bit obnoxious?

Just like the people who request read receipts. If I’m going to read your message, I’ll read it - a pop-up before I’ve even gotten that far isn’t gonna change anything. A lady in my office sends that on messages that are literally company wide…

read receipt is stupid but red flags are good because i go to them first and it catches my attention. a lot of emails are FYIs or replies of confirmation, but if it’s flagged i know action is required and i will get to them first!

i think it’s handy.

When I got my email to my phone, the high priorities annoyed me because they made my phone vibrate while regular emails didn’t, so I’d look thinking I got a text but I really got an email somebody else thought was important.

Now we have some groups that send all of their blasts as high priority and I just delete them anyway.

The only time I used to get the ‘red exclamation’ was when I had to finish some ‘compliance’ tutorial or some ‘FINRA’ continuing ed thing.

^Don’t forget security disclosures.

Way to many people (especially our outsourced departments) use the redflag and it truly dilutes its purpose. I used to hate opening up red flagged emails that read “Please advice”…

I personally have hit the red flag on a few occassions but more often than not urgent matters are best handled through an email with a follow up call / vm.

I only seem to get them from people when it is unimportant or they are being obnoxious about a bill.

Got red flags only from panicking and/or stressing people. Not a good association, so I wouldn’t do it.

I decide what’s important to read and what isn’t, so I leave them for last out of spite.

Exactly. I never use exclamation points when I write, and I certainly don’t want somebody else deciding what is important to me. Original typewriters didn’t even have exclamation points. You had to use an apostrophe, back space and put in a period. Exclamation points should be banned.

My manager does this for EVERY email. So annoying. Read receipts may be even more stupid. I ALWAYS say “no” when it asks if I’d like to send one. Like higg said, I like to do it out of spite.

I use them when texting. B*tches love exclamation points. They also like smiley faces.

Red flags emails are always the least important circular nonsense emails

I always associate excessive use of exclamation marks with over emotional gushing unstable people

You need a sense of energy! And urgency! And energetic confusion?!

You need a sense of energy! And urgency! And energetic confusion?!

Depends who sends it. If it’s my boss, then yes it’s urgent.