People who took mocks this week

Do you feel like you did better b/c you saw some of the questions on here? I did them 2 and 3 weeks ago and remember 1 or 2 that i though, I have seen this question before…

I saw 1 or 2 items on the 120 sample test that i did this morning on the boards earlier this week.

yeah, same here. maybe 1 or 2, but i tried to stay away from any subjects that said mock/sample…

Amber how are you doing?

Well, I took the mocks 2 and 3 weeks ago, not so good but did improve. Since then I did a ton of problems on here and took notes on my problem areas. Then I went back and skimmed Quant, FSA, Derivatives and Alt. Inv. and zoned in on my problem areas. Found lots of revelations. Don’t know how much I will retain, but that helped. Today I am reviewing the answers to the mocks and going over CF statements, and what to do with leases and interest…still throwing me. i need to look over spot rates again too. UGH! Too much. Tomorrow, just reading ethics. You? I know you said you were doing much better.

I got 67s on 2 sample exams and one mock. This morning I just got a 63 on a Schweser book 6 exam. Qbank scores are low/mid 70s. Tomorrow is the last mock, I really hope I’m ok…

I think you will be.

Thanks Amber. The reason I always pick on you is we seem to be similiar in our preparation. So many on this board have the exam in the bag with their mid 70s Mock/80s Qbank, etc. In any event, all of you pull guys like me more than I would be able to push myself for this exam.

I know, same here. I definitely buried my head deeper in the books being on here and seeing how much I didn’t know and thought I did. And I still feel buried!

My Mock1 score is 60%. Schwesers I am averaging around 65%. Uuurgh.