People who use standing desks

people with special needs or attention seekers? Please discuss amongst yourselves.

People who get tired of sitting all day. I’m thinking of getting one.


They’re stand up guys I hear.


I think it’s like those gluten free people where some have a legitimately important reason for doing it, but others just do it because they think it’s healthy and the benefits are generally overstated.

Well, sitting inside all day eating grains and sugar = the global epidemic of metabolic syndrome. So the reverse of that is the solution.

There problem is there’s no easy way to not do the above, given the modern environment. Most jobs in the developed world are cube jobs. Yeah, a person could use a standing desk, and perhaps that is some small incremental improvement, inside what remains a very unhealthy environment. Shrug.

The research is pretty compelling that sitting for those long periods is pretty bad for you. I don’t think they are very overstated

But I saw a recent study that showed standing didn’t actually counter act sitting. They found that it was too limited in movement to actually be different than sitting. They found walking around a few minutes each hour was the most effective method. I drink water at least once an hour, resutling in the walk to water and walk to restroom as a sort of forced exercise. And I’ll eagerly await new research confiirming that the standing thing is useless because I really enjoy not standing all day.

I bought everyone on my team one. It started with someone asking for one and then everyone else liked the idea. I have one too but I never use it. The other people do use it, so hats off to them. Agree with rawraw, there is good evidence we shouldn’t be sitting down all day. I don’t know that standing definitely helps but it’s a start and the desks are cheap. You can get a good one for about $700.

I guess john medina (Brain expert from johns hopkins)introduced the idea.However he mentioned some form of treadmill desk not a stanfing desk.Standing desks are popular with architects.

Haha that sounds umm interesting.

But it makes sense. The point is we are evolved for frequent low-intensity movement. Not sprints, but just moving around all day, that’s what hunter/gatherers do.

^Actually I think we were more walk sprint types than walk rest types.Anyhow I can barely concentrate on one task let alone walking and doing something in my head at the same time

If they’re good enough for Donald Rumsfeld, they’re good enough for me.

I’ve worked with a standing desk before and liked it. I have a tendency to hunch over at a normal desk, and much less so with a standing one. After a while I would feel the need to sit (more so in the beginning), so I had a drafting chair that I would pull up to it.

I’ve been flirting with getting this one. Or maybe I can just sign up for bromion’s team.