People who wrote Level 3 and used Schweser Practice exams...

Hey Everyone, Can you please fill me in on the practice exams Schweser offers. I notice from their website they have “Online practice exams”, “Practice exams Volume 1” and “Practice exams Volume 2”. Can you please let me know if you used any of the above 3 for the level 3 exam and what your thoughts are on these products. Thank you very much.

I used the 2 books that they sold. Volume 2 was very difficult, but was good practice and drilled home some obscure topics. Volume 1 was easier. The thing to keep in mind with the Schweser practice exams is that they are not proxies for the actual exam, but rather they are tools to help you learn the material. The score you get on the Schweser practice exam isn’t nearly as important as the knowledge you take away from them.

I used all of them. Online questions were probably the easiest, even the hardest one was not as hard as questions in the books. I did more than 2900 questions out of about 2950-3000 questions on the database. I agree with Jonny Dee regarding books. If I can add anything, I thought practice exams were as tough as actual exam, but actual exam was trickier. If I had to take the exam another time, I would definitely include CFAI online sample exams in the picture, hoping they would fill the missing link. That said, I did PM quite well, compared to AM, so Schweser questions/exams definitely worked for me.