People with lower emotional intelligence are more likely to hold right-wing views

makes so much sense. so sad.

Oh come on. This one really doesn’t seem like a stretch to me. The lower someone’s capacity for empathy, the easier it is to see them holding republican views. Cue South-Park’s “They took our jobs” gifs. I really don’t think the author is getting themselves into trouble with a claim like this.

i mean, if you’re unable to see how you hurt or disadvantage people, it certainly makes it easier for you to hurt or disadvantage people.

this is akin to “blind people can look at the sun longer than the non-blind”.

congrats to this phd who spent $50k in grant money verifying obvious things.

“people who don’t pay for things have a much easier time spending money”

They’re also more likely to be CEOs, pro athletes, doctors (especially ER and surgeons), futurists, and serial killers.

most conservatives at least in the us are idiots. cuz a majority of them are poor yet they want lower taxes.

most liberals are idiots too since they worry about shit that doesnt matter, like disadvantaged groups.

i like to mind my own business. if they arent persecuting me, i tend to not give a shit.

and if they are persecuting me, i tend to avoid the situation. i dont like conflicts!

I know it doesn’t matter, but it seems obligatory to mention that if people labeled X are more likely to be labeled as Y, this does not mean that people labeled Y are likely to be labeled X, especially if Y is the larger population.

Yes it does:

“people labeled X are more likely to be labeled as Y” is equivalent to P(Y|X) > P(Y), i.e. X makes Y more likely.

Of course by the same logic “people labeled Y are likely to be labeled X” just means P(X|Y) > P(X).

By Bayes rule you have P(Y|X) / P(Y) = P(X|Y) / P(X). So if X makes Y more likely, then Y makes X more likely and vice versa.

i treat my bayes like i treat my gips. 0 shits given.

"this does not mean that people labeled Y are likely to be labeled X, especially if Y is the larger population. "

Likely, not more likely.

Quant battle go go!

honestly we fail to reject ho because a i have a wide confidence interval. i must be a conservative. but i am labeled liberal by fb.

Probability and semantics dogfight!!! Ohai and Mobius going hard in the wee hours :+1:

definitely worth the 3 hour sleep to give mobius the business!

my bad, looks like I was off by 0.00001% x ln§^”more”

Can someone please explain this?

If group A has 10 people, group B a 100 people and 8/10 in group A will belong to group B i.e A makes B more likely then why does B make A more likely?

Suppose that the entire population is, say, 1,000.

Compute P(B) and P(B|A). Which is greater?

Compute P(A) and P(A|B). Which is greater?

Understood, thank you!

My pleasure.

I wouldn’t discount the role of the perpetual outrage machines like Fox News and right wing newsites on FB and Twitter. You may have empathy, but when people who disagree with you are ruthlessly demonized, dehumanized, and portrayed as violent aggressors…that empathy reserve is quickly depleted.