Percentage of CFA members completing the program

Just curious I have been searching the web and wanted to know the percentage of people earning the charter over enrolled people.


I was thinking that it was 17.863%.

Any serious answer

This has been years but I think the number is around 9% because it assumes that if you failed (or passed) one level after 4 years of inactivity, that you have given up.

Obviously this isn’t the case as many people do get back onboard after many years so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the 12-15% area.

  1. That’s a serious number

It’s thirty-something.



What I want to know is why in the first year the exam was ever given, there was only 284 tests taken. And then the next year when there was 3 levels, all levels had participants. So like, what qualified/disqualified someone from taking a certain level back then?

Those damn cheaters. There’s probably charterholders alive today who just lied somehow and got away with taking Level 3 without passing level 2/1 way back when. I want answers.

You sound a good investigative reporter. Let us know you finding. You seem to have to much time in your hands. Maybe they need to add a Level 4 just for you.

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I’d say it’s around 20%.

Lvl1 weeds out so many candidates. I feel as there are so many people enrolling thinking that it will be a cake walk and then getting discouraged once they realize they are struggling big time and haven’t even passed lvl1.

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