Percentage of Portfolio Rebalancing

In Scheweser, I read two approaches-to bring back either to target weight or just inside the band.

I wanted to know if the second approach is an extension (and name something else) or is that approach also considered a part of percentage of portfolio rebalancing?

Rebalancing to target weights

Rebalancing to the allowed range

but if we are only told percentage of portfolio rebalancing then what to do we BY DEFAULT rebalance to?

balance back to target weights if not specified otherwise is what i will be doing

I believe it was CFA 2013 AM (on the site) that had a Pct of Portfolio rebalance occur when the cash level exceeded the range. ALL asset classes were brought back to target.

Tricky question, because they asked you what the Fixed Income allocation would be, it was within the range. So if you didn’t notice that the cash was outside the range, you’d have put down that the Fixed Income wouldn’t have been rebalanced, like I did.

Is that always the case that if one asset in the portfolio triggers the threshold then ALL class are rebalnced back to target %?

^ for CFA purposes, and unless stated otherwise, yes