Percentile Rank on CFAI

2 more weeks to go and then all of this is (hopefully) behind us!

On that note, what is your percentile ranking on CFAI website?

56%. However, I did not take the whole set of problems let alone did it more than once like many people there.

As a side note, for L2 I was below the pass rate with % rank but actually passed relatively comfortably. IMO, there are a lot of questions that are retired and not relevant and you could kind of waste time with doing the problems that are not relevant. However, if you have time then by all means do those.

I was 68% until I reset all the questions to try to take another go at it. It’s this reason why I think the rank is pointless as many candidates do this skewing the percentile ranking.

Positive circumstance is that for the said reason the percentile rank is upward biased. Negative circumstance is that you do not know how many people actually use the practice test as opposed to total CFA test takers. Chances are, those who do extend their prep time and sources are more likely to pass than those who do not. So if you knew the number of people doing the exam you would have had a better idea where you stand.

But hey, you are doing quite fine with that rank. When I was in the 70th percentile on L1, I was cca 90th percentile on the actual exam.

77 percentile here with 76% correct answers. I did not reset any time neither intend to do so. I think there are better ways to spend the remaining time, than to reset the question and do the same problems again.

63% ranking with 67% correct answer. Dropped from 69% after bombing the CFAI PM Mock with a score of 62%.

77th percentile with 76% correct. did all 413.

i took them all closed book under exam conditions, but i did definitely bias my scores upwards by reading the material cover to cover before attempting the questions. (I.e.: i skimmed all 86 derivs pages in schweser, took a 10 minute break, then did all 54 derivs CFAI qs)

^the above definitely biases your scores upwards, but as a result ive essentially read the entire curriculum cover to cover twice now. give and take.

one thing i will say is, i DONT plan on resetting them to do them over again. i want my %rank to be “real”. i will remember the answers.

I think for Level 2 my percentile rank was like 60 or something…cant remember. but in my opinion people like to reset the item sets and then get 100%. on the actual L2 exam i scored above the 90th percentile. I wouldn’t read to much into the rank. I think CFAI should have a breakdown to capture first answers and an overall. This wouldn’t be a true indication either. some people may do topics test months ago or right after a reading. I would expect a lower score for someone who read derivatives in Feb and then the TT in may vs TT in Feb.

Personally, if you around the 70% mark for accuracy, then you are doing a good job. I’m also hitting up Fin Quiz questions and IFT questions.