Performance Attribution on my June 2012 Mock Item Set Score

I just did the 2012 mock item set exam.

Scored 61%

Performance Attribution


there are 12 ethics questions and I got 10 wrong. WTF right? I did the exam right after losing two 1on1 basketball games and i guess i had unethical thoughts…

I tried to make myself feel better so I eliminate 12 questions on ethics and scored myself again for the rest, I got 73%.

I personally think this is a good start. no more bastket ball for sure…

Probably too much active risk and not enough of an information ratio.

I had a similar experience on my mock, but I hadn’t refreshed on ethics since my last exam. Hopefully I would score higher now, and will score even higher on the test.

Hank - Maybe he shouldn’t have passed the ball so much in his BBall game (more independent decisions ~ Higher breadth?). I know - I’m reaching…