"Performance Tracker" feature in Schweser's QBANK


Just listen to the next 60 seconds - He talks about how Performance Tracker will look at your QBANK score and compare you to other QBANK users. His logic is that if there’s a 45% pass rate every year, the people who are in the top 45% of Schweser students should expect to pass.

My hypothesis is that the Schweser people are come committed than the average L2 candidate, and as such you might be able to pass if you’re in the top 70% or something like that. Does anyone have empirical experience to confirm or deny this?

Dont know how their qbank software works but maybe they collect qbank performance data and do simple correlation with the actual results


for lack of a better word… this “theory” is retarded… sure people that take the time to go through the Qbank are likely better prepared but also consider that if you go through the questions more than once and get it correct the second time around the “performance tracker” just updates it a “correct”

Their questions typically don’t require the same thought process as CFAI questions, in my opinion, which is based on using the Qbank a bit for L1.

This is nothing more than a marketing tactic to make candidates want to buy their product to get a feeling of certainty around the exam. CFAI topic tests and mock exam are what you need to use to gauge yourself.

You’re saying that the qbank doesn’t have vignettes like the real exam?

Out of the 4 people who replied, no one mentioned vignettes. It’s not clear who you’re replying to in the last post.