Performance tracker in Q-Bank

I seem to recall from level 1 that you could use the performance tracker for cumulative results to all the exams you’ve done, but I can do only do it at the test level so far. Anyone have any insight on this? I remember it being useful for proving out what readings you were weak in. I’ve only done 180 questions, is it possible there is a minimum amount of tests I need to complete first? Thanks!

does it make a difference if you do on the website or you download it to your computer?

the performance tracker only counts test, not reading or LOS quizes. You can look at what you have done on the test via clicking build new exam, then that screen tells you how you have scored so far. As I stated before since it only counts exams you built it kind of sucks that it does not count the rest of the questions. When I look at the Q-bank it tells me I have done about 600 questions but then yesterday I clicked on the review reading button and added all of the LOS and reading quizzes that put me over 1,500 not including the questions I browsed.

Ahh, right, that’s how I used to track it. It sucks that it’s in the create new test thing, but that’s fine- as long as I know where it is. Thanks!

Are you talk about Exam Review --> Review your Reading & Los Quizzes? That’s not that helpful because although it shows you every reading and los quiz you’ve taken, you would still have to manually calculate how many Q you did per study session. last year the reading and los quizzes were populated on the Test Management page so you could view how many Q you did out of the total for that SS. There’s no way around this?