Performance Tracker

Anyone using the schweser performance tracker for the practice tests? This is the feature that lets you view your scores against the average scores of others who have taken the test and provided results. I am pretty much hitting the average scores right on the nose. Some tests im a little better, some a little worse, but overall right in line. My question is, should I be happy with this? If less than 50% pass level 2, should I hope to be a little better than average? On the other hand, maybe the pool of people who take the time to take the tests is stronger than the overall pool?

Maybe I’m over analyzing (but I suppose that’s what we are all here to do), but any thoughts on that would be great. Really trying to gauge my chances here.

I agree

the performance tracker is only availible for 1 mock exam which is the online sheweiser mock? is it different from the 6 mock exam provided into the books? so you can compare your score for this exam only?

How much have you been scoring on those tests?

no you can put your scores in online for the 6 schweser practice tests from the 2 practice exam books. then when you do performance tracker it shows what others scored on the same test.

I am right in line with the averages on the practice tests as well… I think I would ideally be up by about 7%…

there is about 6000 exam scored on the performance tracker so this is about 3-4% of the candidate. i would say that you can take the mean and average it down by 2-5% to have a real idea of an average score. so as i can see the mean is around 67%… i would guess that ppl score 63-65% in average

Last year I was right in line with the averages, or perhaps a little below, and failed, came out as band 7. This time and so far I’m at around 75-80% for the first two mock exams but it’ll get worse the more mock exams you do for the following reason: Fewer people take the final mock exams, so my guess is that if your score is average there, you’re in a better position than if you score only average on the first one or two mock exams when a lot more people have tried to take them. (I assume here that some people take the first one and two mock exams as a last desperate attempt at preparation before going up rather ill-unprepared on the exam itself). Also: if my guess is correct, the average will get somewhat lower the further we get to exam day, the early birds taking the exam when there is plenty of time left, they are probably more well prepared than the rest of us.