Performnce by item Type

Last page of the pdf describing the new exam results format shows an example of performance by item type. Notably, the 90th percentile of essay is below 70%.

Any idea if that is accurate (based on history and/or expectation)? It would seem silly for them to illustrate it that way if it wasn’t, but it’s also a curious way to show the “mastery” level if fewer than 10% of candidates hit it.

Maybe they’re saying over 90% of candidates are incompetent? Or maybe it’s just another sign of CFA incompetence. I can’t talk about the exam, but I can say that, right? :wink: [said at least somewhat tongue in cheek and all in good fun, but am still curious if the 90% of candidates get less than 70% right on the essay is accurate]

There appears to be a public link to the doc on this page: