pershing square

laid off 18% of employees. prob all BO amiright6

Bill ackman just cant catch a break at all.

Is this performance a joke? Who is giving this guy money? They didn’t even try to disguise their MS Word letter.

If bill ackman had any pride left hed retire

lock him up!!

I love bill Ackman videos on YouTube. He is a really smart cat. He taught a lot of great investment principles, unfortunately his performance these past few years was shit. He invested with very little diversification. And he has gotten fucked by numerous picks including his short on herbalife and his investment in that one medical company who took on too much debt by acquiring other companies then tried to recover their losses by charging customers up the ass. Very sad. I also remember one of their dudes was a rapist, the Herbalife dude. Anyways ackman came from Harvard, leave him alone!!!

Has this numbnuts finally fallen?

Having been on the fund selector side, I know how idiots like this get money, but still cmon. Time to cut him off!

I know, right? Who wrote this, they sound like a big baby