persistence factor w

hi, why does a high ROE result in lower residual income persistence?

any feedback please? prob everyone is still sleeping hhhhee or trying to sleep like i did last night

b/c w/ high roe-- competition comes in and drives your profits down…thus your RI will not persist

thanks Nikko how is the study going? I working on asset valuation today. hoping to work more questions.

it is going ok…pratice…pratice…pratice… so much info

ok i do practice questions however i am forgetting the material so i need to revise as well

i am a flash card guy… i have about 2k of them… i have been throught them at least 4 times…maybe even more… i put x in the corners next to the ones i get wrong…

Same here, retention is key for this exam. I think I have seen everything by now but there is just so much of it…

yeah i have seen everything… but trying to remember it is another story… but i feel index cards help me alot… everyone has their own way/path… we can all do it…

more flash cards - higher persistance factors :slight_smile: I don’t use them - realized i should’ve but it was too late to go back and fill them… hopefully next time - for a DIFFERENT LEVEL though :slight_smile: