Personal Belongings and oth. questions

Some questions:

Will in the test center be a personal belongings area? Is it safe? Will be there enough space for everyone’s stuff?

Heard, that sometimes could be cold in the exam room. So could I bring some additional clothes; Or can I undress some of it if oposite?

3 hours to sit, without a sip of water? could be painful. Really there are no water?

Hello, depends on the test centre. There is usually a place for personal belongings, but unlocked so I wouldn’t leave anything too precious. In Frankfurt there was a supervised desk where you could leave your mobile phone though. The test centre in Frankfurt can be freezing in December…there it is definitely best to go for the onion-look. If it ends up being warmer than you thought, you can always take the top layer off. If you think the test centre were you are sitting the exam might be cold, I would also recommend staying away from sneakers with rubber soles - my feet were FREEZING two years ago. There are water fountains available in the room - so you can get something to drink.

No water. You can take a bathroom break if you need to, but toughen up. It’s three hours, not three days.

Some have supervised equipment areas.

water and bathrooms are available during the exam. you can also get up and stretch.

I guess it depends on the test center. In London, water and bathrooms are available during the exam and there is a massive storage area for belongings. You can always bring a padlock and lock your bag and keep your phone in the bag or give it to the proctors (if they allow it).

I would not worry to much about exam rooms being too cold. The pressure of the environment will keep you warm.