Pet tarantula or snake

My daughter turns 6 this Thursday, and she wants one of these.

Anybody have any experience? Thoughts or opinions?

Michael Scott in a pet shop. So true. Snakes are gross! :P :)

I had both, but then my python ate the tarantula. Then an AFer walked in and out of irony enacted a ‘man eating live snake’.

Sadly, now both are dead.

^ There’s an entire thread dedicated to eating snakes on AF. If I recall correctly, it’s a great thread.

I caught a Black Widow in the field when I was a kid and held it in the jail until my neighbors had reported me to the cops.

I’d get the tarantula. They’re cool.

I’d go for the tarantula too. Haven’t you seen the movie Home Alone; if you accidently leave your daughter at home while going on a vacation she could put it on a robber to escape a home invasion.

Do Tarantula eat mosquitoes? If so, I will purchase one.

she is 6 man. she will lose interest in it after 2 weeks. the question is which one do you prefer to handle over the long term?

i’d go with a goldfish and then apologize for grossly misremembering.

never met a girl who kept tarantulas and snakes as a kid come out normal. sorry greenie. fight the future!

i agree but would say any kid, male or female, is probably going to grow up a bit different. My bros a prime example of that - love him to death - but certainly a strange character.

Let them duke it out in a “Thunderdome”, then keep the winner. 2 pets enter…


I vote for tarantula!

Did… Did you eat it?

The girls that have those for pets… Well let’s not get into that out of respect for greenie. But let’s just say they are the fReAkIeSt

A snake literally has no emotions and im not talking in that hard to get manner cats behave. They wired not to feel anything

Da fk she want that as a pet for?

^Because she’s six.

And the Abilene (Texas) zoo just got a new tarantula in the reptile house, so she saw it and got curious about it.

We already have a dog, three cats, two box turtles in the yard, three hermit crabs, and a family of mockingbirds that whine for mealworms on a daily basis.

^ oh. In that case, I would say no more animals.

Just get her a nice hissing cockroach or something.