Peter Olinto at Elan!!!

Just saw Peter Olinto’s mug on an Elan advertisement. If I have to re-take L3, I will consider Elan IF they have videos for L3 and he is prominent in them, he is THAT good! For those that have never used Stalla, this guy was by FAR the best instructor. I have used both Stalla and Schweser and there is no one close to Olinto.

Could not agree with you more friend. A big time fan of Mr.Peter :wink: thanks for the hradsup. Plan guides please make sure you have him for maximum subjects. I was thinking he started something called olinto review and there was a post in linkedin for that. Looks like that never took off well. So glad.

Anyway elan doesn’t seem to have level 3 stuff :frowning: is that right?

Not sure, but couldn’t find a reference to L3 on their website.

Peter Olinto quote from Level I Stalla videos: “If you didn’t get that one right you should stab yourself in the face.” I nearly shit myself laughing.