Peter Olinto - Stalla CD Course (Level II)

Hello, I’m planning to purchase the Stalla CD course for Level II. But before I do, I wanted to make sure that Peter Olinto was the main instructor like he was in Level I. I think he’s one of the best instructors I’ve seen and it was really affective for me for Level I. I would really appreciate it if someone that already has these CDs can verify this for me. Thanks in advance.

It’s pretty evenly split between Peter and David Heatherington. David is a good instructor, he does derivatives and a few others and he brings his real life experience to the cd’s which makes it watchable.

maile, That’s good news. Thanks for the information!

Peter was one of the main reasons i continued with Stalla for L2. Almost all of my colleuges use Schwaser. But i find Peter Olinto very engaging. He also does a lot of the live courses (and mock exams) in significant cities, such as New York. I was actually looking at the Quant vids earlier today and it was David Heatherington. I had no experience with him prior to this Quant class - he was really good. I hope lightning doesn’t strike me for saying this, but the less of Bob Stalla i see in the videos, the better - he didn’t add any value to the study guides for the sessions he did in last year’s L1 videos.