Peter Olinto

I’ve heard he’s great, but for those of you who took his class, was it really worth the money? Did it truly make a big difference?

worth every cent !! I passed L1 on first attempt… see he will show you the door, you will have to go through it. as for L2 , I really need to find out if he is still in the lectures , cause i heard he only covers L1. I hope thats not true

Olinto is just amazing. I had Stalla’s self study CDs for L1 and he did most of the lectures, the Stalla’s Mock exam (with a comprehensive review of each topic) - I think Olinto only does live classes in NY, if you’re there, you’re lucky. In January of this year I got to a Stalla’s L2 free workshop and have some free materials, among which the SS6 on pensions, guess what? Done by Olinto. Definitely he’s on L2 (not on L3 as far as I know), but I don’t know how much of the L2 material is covered by Olinto (FSA for sure).

This is a link to Stalla’s web site where you can “sample” Olinto’s style on a review of L1 topics. A short registration needed and off you go for 14 videos:

Thanks map1 for the info… I just ordered L2 Stalla 09 enhanced system (self study), they gonna give me the 08 for free. I will have a look on the lecture CDs for Peter and i will let you guys know. but ya , Peter rulez man… Practice, Patience and Persistence . I will always remember that from him.

Stalla does not send the video cds for 2008. Only the study guides, just so you know.