Do you think peter13 got pcp ?

I don’t know but I am sure that Peter13 was consuming PCP while posting here.

There are several people that I speculate got PCP’d.

Several posters discussing detailed test questions have disappeared after last week of June… coincidence? Maybe. You’d have to be pretty dumb to violate the CFA code of conduct on a site where Charterholders are moderators. Even dumber if your email used to register here is the same as cfainstitute.

Who is peter13? Oh I remember… yup, he got a pcp and a trial by combat.

Do you think Peter appeared for CFA?

I know I was really harsh on the guy, but it was all deserved. The guy was extremely annoying due to his evolving, erratic posting style.

First, he created his account right after the exam and started multiple threads that were clear violation of the Standards. Additionally, he would create a new thread any time there was an email and tried to perpetuate the idea that, depending on the time that emails arrived in your inbox you either passed or failed. Finally, when people started calling him on his bullsh#t, he either a) got super defensive and tried to play the victim card or b) went back and made edits to all his post and would subsequently try to tell you he meant something else, usually with some sort of jab at your intelligence/reading comprehension level. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when he started saying that these question were all for a friend and that he hadn’t even sat for level I yet…. the guy knew he was in over his head and if he ultimately was reported to the CFAI, it was deservingly so.

My hunch is that if he passes, because I’m 100% sure he sat for the actual exam; he will come back with a vengeance and be as cocky as ever.

lol… i laugh…

I hope he got a PCP for his posts. Although I don’t know if he actually took the exam - which makes it worse. I just hate how he bastardized the process and posted crap on here that he knew was false in order to ruffle peoples feathers. Such disrespect. It shows a lack of character for someone to create a profile after sitting for the exam and then coming on here and post garbage like that. He wasn’t on here helping others/making positive contributions during the months leading up to the exam and therefore I just thought it showed a lack of character on his part to antagonize others after the exam. Just the overall crap that I think candidates and Charterholders are supposed to be better than. I began the CFA program because I have respect for the process and rigor of what it takes to be a Charterholder. I also respect each and every one of my fellow candidates for the sacrifices they made they made over the past several months and would never think of antagonizing them in that way.

If he was the guy in the office next to me I would have for sure gone in there and busted him in his jaw for that crap. He was also too much of a coward to take the punishment from everyone as he asked AF to lock a post that he started and was subsequently crucified for his remarks. What a coward.

I’m gonna be honest, the CFA exam is so rough and serious enough as it is…that guy’s wacky posts brought some much needed levity. He will be missed at least by me.

Who told you he is under PCP How does CFA confirm and match Peter13 with thousand Peters who wrote the exam? We love speculations as much as he does

Serious question though, how do they know who you are when you violate on here?

Lets say for instance (these arent real questions, so I am not in violation) I say: “The answer to question 34 was B, because you needed to remember to add back the depreciation yada yada”…How would they know that it was me that violated? We are posting anonymously here.

Some time ago, there were some morons that tried to recreate an exam and asked for peoples help on here. Well these genuises used the same email on here as they used on their CFAI registration. That’s the only time I’ve heard of someone being disciplined from something being posted on here.

I refuse to allow myself to get worked up over some clown on the internet. I mean, this is the internet after all. As far as what happened to Peter13, who knows, but I doubt a PCP was involved in his sudden disappearance. Trolls often vanish as quickly as they appear.

I honestly miss Peter13