Petitions to Secede from the U.S.

I wonder if you have to be a resident of the respective states to sign one of these… because I would gladly support the cause of several of these states (not that it would ever happen).

Wow! That’s about 75,000 signatures across 20 states. 0.025% of the country must be really P.O.ed.

I thought this story on the sidebar was more interesting.

The use of the N word doesn’t mean she’s racist, apparently (she has a black friend).

Elmo puppeteer is being accused of underage sex abuse??

No it doesn’t. However, how dumb do you have to be to post something like that on your fbook. It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to hope someone gets wacked.

Word…that sh*t is wack…

Actually, I have wondered myself how many Obama assasination plots have been hatched by KKK-remnant rural guys with M16s.

She said she wasn’t planning to do it herself. She just said she wouldn’t mind if someone else did it for her.

And I suppose using the N word doesn’t mean she’s racist. It just means she’s racially insensitive. It seems like splitting hairs, though.

Wish those states would secede so the blue states wouldn’t have to subsidize them anymore.

People call me elitist, but I see people like this chick explain herself and it’s impossible not to be. I’m also really confused, I thought deadbeats were supposed to like Obama? (I know I do.)

I lived in North Dakota for 2 years and found the political climate to be refreshing. Fiscally, the state was conservative (they ran a surplus while I was there while simultaneously reducing income taxes), but socially, they were very moderate (much more tolerant that you would think for a solid red state). That being said, I would still not sign a secession petition if I lived there. The freedoms that we enjoy in the United States are simply too great to abandon for a new fledgling nation. My opinion may change someday, but right now, I know what I get here and it’s still pretty good.

Texas is closing in on 80,000 digital signatures. Not a huge number compared to Texas’ population, but I believe Obama won FL by fewer votes than that.


Seriously, the 47% all live in the south…and Idaho. Ha, the people who don’t want to pay more taxes are the people who don’t pay any taxes…maybe there is a marginal utility curve for that.

^ the folks in the South are voting for their guns, not their wallets.

And for Christ and wholesome families, agreed. Well, guns werenot under threat in this election…scare tactics. In the South, due to various obvious historical cultural norms, people are poorer, less well educated and less healthy in the majority of surveys out there. So, they pay less taxes in aggregate.

No indeed. Obama has actually been very lax on gun control. Nevertheless I present this:

Conclusion: People are moronic.

Interesting graphic. No individual state is higher than 45% (MS), so how is it 47% nationally?

Weighted average?

Edit: Nope, that doesn’t work.

Since the picture says “Percentage of filers”, this seems to imply that many people don’t file income tax forms. So these people just have no income?