pg 180 schweser book 4

it says, the alternative z table is found in the appendix to this book. I do not see an appendix.

got a reply from schweser Thanks for pointing that out and you are correct that there is not a z table in our notes. A z table can be found at

Kind of a large ommission.

do we need the z table for level 3?

Don’t worry, they will provide it on the exam. ; )


you dont really need… You can keep these numbers in mind for 5% VAR z = 1.65, 2.5% VAR z = 1.96

From the numbers posted above, it looks like the “alternative z table” is nothing but the one-tailed version of the regular z-table. 10% Level of significance - 2 tailed test - z score = 1.645 5% Level of Significance, 2 tailed test - z score = 1.96 Same thing is specified above with half the Level of significance on 1 tail.