Phd financing

How do people finance their studies? Thinking of applying for a Phd in Economics

Typically you’d be a TA or RA at any good institution, that should cover your expenses.

Most schools will give you a fellowship and a stipend to pursue a Ph.D… If they don’t, then they’re not really all that interested in you and don’t think you’d end up getting through the program. Money will be tight while you do this, unless you have income or savings from other sources, but it should be enough to survive on. The fellowship might come with responsibilities, like being a TA or an RA, as DH said.

DarienHacker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Typically you’d be a TA or RA at any good > institution, that should cover your expenses. This is correct. You would probably teach 2 undergrad courses a semester, which would waive your tuition. If the school really likes you, you’ll do something easy like be a TA of some professor, get waived tuition and some extra pocket money

…and of course if you have an option, go for RA, which usually results in published papers, as compared to listening to whiney undergrads grovel for another 5 points on a midterm :wink:

So you *don’t* want to be constantly exposed to young, eager, impressionable freshmen over which you hold power and seniority? I’m sure IEV will have something to say about this.

In Canada there are federal funding agencies that can make life VERY comfortable for graduate students. I’m talking about scholarships in the $100k range + tuition waiver. If you’re in Canada and need more info, let me know.

Hey Hayek, can you give me more information on that?

The funding agency is called the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Website is here Economics is classified as a social science so it works. If you’re interested in Bschool, I think you’re out of luck. Generally if you bring prestigious funding like this to a school, they waive your tuition.