I know this isn’t exam related, but bear with me. I’m following on from the guy who asked how much $$$ we all get. Strange to say, but CFA study has made me really want to go all the way with capital market theory and do some research after level 3…has anyone heard of anybody getting onto a PhD program from a CFA charter? Please don’t eat me for going off topic!

I see the most practical application of a PhD to be in academia. Since academia is not known for its lucrative pay packages, I suspect interest in it from the typical CFA candidate would be slight.

…i feel this urge to give up the $$$ and stroke my chin all day in a dusty study somewhere.

I get that urge sometimes. Just go into the bathroom with a good mag and get it done. Then you’ll feel better.

I’ve always had those thoughts. You’re not going to make bad money with a Ph.D, the work is less stressful and you get to do your own thing basically… and maybe change the world. I think I’d rather be apart of that before money. Hmmm… Save the world and feel good about my life and what I’ve contributed, or Make some money and die of a heart attack when I’m 50. It’s a tough call. I’m still young but I’m thinking M.A. in Econ to supplement by BBA and CFA before moving onto Ph.D in something like Behavioural Finance - put my Psych minor to work.

The thought has crossed my mind but to be honest my wife would kill me… maybe literally if I were to jump to a PhD program in the near future. I spent the last 2 years sacrificing a lot between friends and family as I have been pursuing both my charter and an MBA in finance. Between the stress of June 7th and graduation from my MBA program in June I plan on taking the summer to relax and then pick up Level 3 material in the fall [hopefully!!!].

Thanks Smarshy. That was a great tip. Feel much better now.

wow MBA and CFA at the same time…your insane…INSANE (if your working full time as well)! Hope you do well on both though.