Philadelphia - Level 1 Study Group

Hello all, I am part of a small Level 1 study group in Philadelphia. We are looking to add another person or two to our group. Please reply to this thread if interested. And apologies that joining will be on a first-come, first-served basis as we want to keep a manageable group size. Thank you.

Apparently a member of our group has decided to take a position at a new company and thus has already dropped out of the study group. Thus, we are open to more new members. Thus far, we have been meeting in University City. Just reply to this thread with your contact information and I’ll reach out to you. Thanks!

How far along are you guys and what is your strategy? I just finished Ch 31 today.

We just started really and are planning on doing at least a Reading each week with the last four weeks or so for exam prep, etc. We are on Reading 3 (last half of Quant). I see that you have a level 2 thread going. Are you taking level 1 or level 2?

Level 2

Hi Matt, I am interested in being part of a study group. I just started my prep and stay close to Univ City. You can reach me at


I am interested in joining the study group. I am studying for the level 1 and have just passed Probability Concepts in the Quant section. You can reach me at