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How do you think his story will develop? a) We will see him on CNN after shooting random people at a NYC building. b) The guy is laughing right now thinking: “Geeez I need to control those pills and alcohol. My limit is two pills and five drinks.” c) His demands are based on valid reasons; he found some wrongdoing and his employer sent him to sleep with the fish. d) Friends/family just put him on medical treatment. e) Other.

I don’t wanna see any more blood. Chad wants no fun so please stop trying to get banned by posting fun stuff.


a) I haven’t had time to look in at his linked in or facebook profiles, or check out any CEO action at IBM. Could be that I missed a breaking headline. What has CNBC and Bloomberg been saying?

i just did a bb seach and no zach - the govt must have stepped in

His fb profile reflects his newly imagined job.

QuantJock_MBA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > His fb profile reflects his newly imagined job. and what is that?

d. Wish you the best and hope you get help soon.

Maybe I shouldn’t be supplementing my L2 studies with his notes…

i think the ultimate outcome is (B). from what i’ve read, he seems like the type of person who thinks he knows everything he should be allowed to do whatever he wants because “hey, it’s a free country.”

has he been banned? because if so, its not the govt or IBM thats not letting him ge tthrough its THE CHAD!!!

Live from Zach’s FB: [blake designs] TSC is a corporation that feeds revenues from other businesses to pay for investments and expenses. Investments are vital for a business. Investments turn into profit centers and value creation tools. Investments in the sense mentioned above is anything that you can put time or money into, including financial assets, physical assets, and expenses. Yes, I believe that expenses are investments too. Every expense is an investment - it is a value creation device. Value creation devices need to be chosen and maintained carefully. Money in itself is worth nothing. The worth is in the love, in the value. Stop looking at money. Start looking at value. This business will also be reported for tax purposes in the 2010 PoP for 2011 taxes.

Alrighty then

it’s really strange, both the “philip platt” personality and the “zach” personality both have LinkedIn profiles with jobs as IBM consultants.

option f) philip.platt shorted the sh!t out of IBM and compensated for his new deal at $1/year salary.

Can someone please give me a high level summary with what happened with this guy?

FrankArabia Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Can someone please give me a high level summary > with what happened with this guy?,1130706,1131418,page%3D2+philip.platt+value+ibm&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us,

f) It was a carefully thought out and well planned Stage 1 of a guerrilla marketing strategy by Philip.Platt to market his new firm Blake Designs. Half of AF is wondering about this dude right now and Stage 2 will focus more Blake Designs and the creative solutions it offers…

brianr Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > FrankArabia Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > Can someone please give me a high level summary > > with what happened with this guy? > > > >,1130706,1 > 131418,page%3D2+philip.platt+value+ibm&cd=1&hl=en& > ct=clnk&gl=us > > > >,1130801+s > > 7&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us The second link doesn’t work.

this guy is nuts.