Philly Test Takers December 07

Hey Philly CFA Level 1 test takers, I know this is really pushing the limits of being anal about this test, but I just wanted to confirm the room assignment I received: Pennsylvania Convention Center Room 108AB 12th and Arch Streets West Entrance Philadelphia, PA. 19107 I already “scouted” the room(s) but knowing my luck I’d show up exam day and the room assignments would be changed w/o me knowing. Can someone just confirm that this is where they’re at? Thanks!

hi lehmetelya, i think they are in a bunch of rooms in the Convention Center. i don’t have my exam ticket in front of me, but i know someone in a different room than i am.

Thanks for getting back to me- as long as it’s in the convention center, I’ll find it. Good luck!

hopefully there won’t be anything crazy going on in there so we can concentrate. good luck to you also!