Phobia from PCP


i had given my L2 this june in NYC but i suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that just once, i stretched my head and my eyes accidentaly fell on a guy’s sheet sitting diagonally across. I immediately realized and in 2 sec, i was back on my paper. Guy was giving L3, so obviously i cudnt cheat and had zero intention but these proctors might just think otherwise since they may immediately just write the report without thinking that im giving l2 and he was giving l3.

i am still able to manage my account though. I hope iam safe? Its 3 weeks past now so i hope iam fine?

iam very afraid. Please help


In my test location they allow candidate of all three levels to sit in the same room, so apparently your accusation is invalid. The question about country is also irrelevant. What the **** is wrong with you?

In my room, there were candidates of all three levels. I don’t know why some retards have a problem with everything. And, if one room has all the candidates writing the same level, it does not necessarily indicate the same trend across all CFA candidates in all rooms across all countries.

Was totally ridiculous on the part of Project Pat. Shows the mental state!


Yeah, some testing centers in various cities have all 3 levels in the same room (such is the case in Chicago). Milwaukee only has the same level candidates in the testing room. Probably a matter of size and location.

Wouldn’t worry about a PCP letter for something so insignificant.


PCP letters start rolling out end-of-June, so if you were caught looking, you should know something in the next couple of weeks or so.

I think one should be safe if he/she is able to access the accounts two weeks post the exam date. Saw some cases on AF where people have got PCP letters quite late in July but have had their accounts locked within two weeks or so post the exam date.

Last to Last year, i believe there was a guy on 2013 thread who got his PCP letter on July 6 (dated end of June), but had his account locked by June 18 itself.

Sometimes just days before results… or after results if they wish

So, the Institute prevents you from logging into your online account if you’re in violation of something? Seems odd-- what do they need to prevent you from doing?


It allows one to login into the account but doesnot permit one to make any changes or edit anything on the profile

I don’t believe I did-- what is the necessity, here? From the other post, I can see them freezing your address so they have valid contact information. However, even if a candidate changed this information (possibly anticipating a PCP letter), this still wouldn’t prevent CFAI from suspending the member until it’s resolved (I would imagine).

hashtag do you have a fantasy or sth to torture people here in AF? Stop putting nonsense hashtags or then


Atlanta had all 3 levels sitting in one HUGE room.

I fail to see how anyone can cheat off someone next to them with a different level exam

I love how you’re waving your “I passed CFA Level I” flag. You big guy. indecision


y you cheat cuz?