Phone Interview Today with Goldman Sachs Recruiter

I’m not really sure what to expect, but should I just make it clear up front that I don’t want to be in ops?

Sure, but if that’s the position you’re interviewing for, the interview could be pretty short.

Is her name Maureen?

its a pretty straight forward HR interview. gonna ask you why your school, what u read on the news, talk about it for a minute, why you applied to the position, what you think the position entails, the prime rate, and all the generic questions.

I did a phone interview with GS for a Sales Analyst position in GSAM about 9 months ago. They did not ask me what the prime rate was or any silly questions like that. It was all about the position. I knew what it entailed. The conversation went for about 25 minutes.

she didn’t specify any position actually. she found me through an “external source,” and would like to speak with me about opportunities available in the LA office. That was pretty much the extent of her e-mail. I think I’ll just let her know I’m looking for entry level analyst roles and ops, while I’m open to it, is not my first choice. danteshek: her name is melissa

OK. LA office probably means Private Wealth Management.

They are always recruiting to that position btw. I have received multiple calls about it (1 internal and a couple external) over the past year. I am in LA. I was only interested in GSAM, not PWM. If you can try to get an interview for institutional side. I know the institutional sales VP in the LA office. She is a trustee of Wesleyan…

PWM is actually a good group. I’m not sure about the position or if it would be better than a junior role at say UBS. But I suspect it would be much better… they have a good client base and high minimums ~20M

good luck topher

hmmm. what does a pwm analyst really do? it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. i want to be in asset management as well.

pwm is asset management. the group manages assets for wealth individuals. let’s hope you don’t say that in your interview.

PWM and GSAM have pretty different job functions. Even though they fall under the Investment Management umbrella, what you’d probably be doing in PWM would almost invariably be more salesy in nature, whereas the GSAM opportunities tend to be more analytical (assuming that you weren’t actually in sales there). Otherwise, I think the experiences would be fairly comparable at the junior level. Since you’re pursuing the CFA, I’d imagine that more likely than not, you’d be more interested in analytical roles.

Agree with numi. GS PWM is less salesy than most but still has a significant sales element whereas GSAM is mostly analytical. Whenever I look at hedge fund managers coming out of GS I tend to give a little more credence to GSAM than PWM backgrounds.

Good Luck Topher.

Agree with the above. The key is to know yourself. Just because you’re in the CFA program doesn’t mean you’re a born analyst. I sure am not. I prefer to be in front of clients with a great product.

Hi Topher – I’ve got a phone call w/ an analyst from the GS PWM group in a couple of days. Would love to hear how your interview went. Shoot me a note if you’re willing to chat about it? Thanks. e-mail address:

I was offered a role with GS and the HR interview was mainly about the job and walking through my resume. Email me at for any info. Glad to help