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I have a telephone interview with Deloitte Financial Advisory services about the position described below. Does anymore have an idea of what types of questions I should be expecting? Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP (“Deloitte FAS”) advises clients on managing business controversy and conflict, executing deals, and maintaining regulatory compliance. We provide services to companies throughout their lifecycle whether purchasing a company or delivering a capital project. Our dedicated Deloitte FAS professionals bring vast experience, specialized skill sets and deep industry knowledge to our clients. This personalized level of service, combined with the market reach and technical resources of the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) member firms and their affiliates, enables us to respond to the complex and diverse needs of our clients around the world. We are seeking qualified Associates to join the Reorganization Services practice: The Reorganization Services practice is a nationally recognized team specializing in providing in-depth business and financial advisory services to companies, their creditors, their equity holders, the legal community, bank syndicates and other interested parties in both in-court and out-of-court reorganizations. With strong experience in nearly every major industry and the ability to leverage the national resources of the Deloitte U.S. Entities and the global resources of the DTT network of member firms, we are able to serve the complex needs of our clients. Our experience also enables us to assist in bringing order to difficult situations and to help build the consensus necessary to achieve a final resolution. Reorganization services include: Bankruptcy Administration Services Examiner Services Creditor Advisory Debtor Advisory Fresh Start Accounting Intermediary Advisory 1-3 years of financial analysis, modeling, financial restructuring, bankruptcy, pension, and/or financial advisory related experience required Demonstrated ability to structure and perform financial consulting projects and participate in client presentations required Experience creating complex cash flow projection models based on business issues or transactions being analyzed required Ability to analyze companies from a financial, operational, and industry perspective required A strong finance background required Prior analytical training preferred Communicates effectively to all levels of engagement management required Ability to balance multiple engagements and responsibilities required Experience in a professional services firm preferred Professional demeanor and strong communication skills, both written and oral required Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint required Must be flexible with the potential travel requirements of client service projects Bachelors degree required and MBA preferred CPA and/or CFA certification is a plus

Giristide, In what city will you be interviewing for. I have experience in the arena and may know some of the senior guys…

This is valuation/restructuring focused…so know your capital structure in and out…i.e. who has senior claims in the event of default (Govt, bank debt, senior bonds, second lien, subordinated…). Know the differences between chpt 7/11. I would throw around some other jargon such as “363 sales…”

SalvaNJ, Thank you for your quick reponse. I will be interviewing for their DC office. Do you know any resources I can use to prepare for this Interview? Do you have some tips pertaining to phone interviews?

Giristide, Would you mind giving me your email. We can def discuss more offline…

don’t get too worked up over the phone interview (but obviously try your best and do study some of the industry’s recent events). many businesses these days use the phone interview as a tool to analyze behavioral-type Q&As. I.e., will you be a good motivational fit for the team; how do you handle stress; what are your strengths/weaknesses; tell me about your interest in this field, etc etc. my old roommate is a senior recruiter in the HR department of a large firm and she tells me that most of the phone interviews that she does were all getting-to-know-you kinds of questions. good luck though.

I did an on-campus interview with Deloitte (valuation advisory) a few weeks ago… it was very relaxed, with mostly questions on my background, him telling me about the position, and a few easy technical questions (Walk me through a balance sheet/income statement, why does equity book value differ from mkt value, how would increased depreciation affect the terminal value in a dcf)

SalvaNJ, I have not received your email.

Just sent an email

thank you.