Phone Interview

in 10 minutes, wish me luck. It is for a mid office position at a HNW family office.

A little late but still, good luck to you. Tell us how did it go.

How did it go? I hate phone interviews

The position was below me. It seems like they chirped it up on the listing to get more qualified applicants. Regardless, I explained I admire this firm, I know they do not hire often, and I would be happy to get in and make a career there. More props to Numi. I have a second interview this afternoon at a large firm, and one next week at a small firm. I can’t help but think the resume changes finally tipped my resume in the call bucket and not the delete bucket.

QuantJock_MBA – that’s great news. I’m happy that the interviews have been rolling in for you. My sense is that the job market is slowly and steadily turning around, and I’m excited that you’re in a good position to capitalize on it. Please keep the forum posted on your progress, and feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime with any questions you have about your interviews. Best of luck!