Phone solicitations are.......

intrusive and disrespectful. Send me a letter. I will contact you if I like what you are selling. Don’t interrupt my day on your schedule, you tool. I never have and never will do business with anyone that has contacted me through an unsolicited phone call. If we have a mutual acquaintance, have them forward your contact information. I really don’t like you people. Go work on a fishing boat and make a honorable living, you pricks.

What did they try to sell you? Some BSDs sitting opposite me do this all day.

F-ing trading system. I asked him if he found an enormous pile of pennies in the woods, would he tell me about it. Didn’t understand. FAIL. Go back to Enterprise. I don’t know who I hate more. Might be the people that give them business. If nobody entertained them, they’d stop calling. What self respecting person listens to strangers on a telephone…return on time invested has to be severely negative since Alexander made his first call.

I admire their courageousness and one day would like exhibit such traits.

Please enlighten me

You can’t tell people or draw attention, it would be gone before you make your nut…You’re welcome.

lol… thanks

I suggest you remove the pennies by backpack under the dark of night over many years. Helicopters would draw way too much attention.

In just the last few weeks, I’ve gotten 3 calls from different guys (all with bad foreign accents), about how the US govt is awarding me $9000 because I was randomly chosen among good tax payers to be awarded money. All I had to do is call and give a confirmation number.

I hung up the first 2x, but the 3rd time, I kept the guy on the line for several minutes asking him really specific questions about what govt building he worked in, address, more details… he surprisingly had answers to a lot of them. I got bored and hung up, he called back and left a VM with cursing in it LOL, mad much you didn’t get to scam me?

did a quick online search, and had I called that number, theyd ask you to send $200 somewhere to collect your $9000 govt award… do idiots really fall for this scam?

Wait, you’re telling me I will not get the $9k? Motherf…

Unfortunately, the elderly do. They become trusting as their faculties go. Hope there is a special place in hell for those that prey on our seniors. That includes you non-traded REIT salesman.

Oh well, guess I can kiss that $200 money order good-bye.