Phrases to help remember

One of the things that’s helping me retain all this information is the use of phrases/letters to represent things - that combined with an SRS (anki is a good one) is a really good way to retain info. Here are two that help me keep the all current and temporal things straight. I abc chdh tb - All Current Income - Average Rate Balance Sheet - Current Rate Common - Historical Dividends - Historical Translation +/- shown on balance sheet Mac Ifah Rear Ti - Temporal Monetary assets - Current inventory and fixed assets - historical Retained Earnings - average rate translation +/- - income statement Tem Rem - temporal = remeasurement (in case you have issues)

SiP a CoKe Stock + Put = Call + striKe rearrange this for any synthetic position.

There was another thread like this one from last year right before the exam but I haven’t been able to find it. Had some great ways to remember stuff. Might as well bump this one though and get it started early. Yes I’m taking level 2 again. 8(

I haven’t had the time to look through these, but I bookmarked this thread a while ago, check it!,801556

“Sexy Pamela is an X-rated Cougar” S + P = X/(1+r)^t + Co

hahaha thats a good one. Sadly… I’ll probably remember it forever now