Physical Charter Certificate - Report your Receipt

Hey Folks,

According to CAIAA, physical charters should be getting mailed out soon (in the next week or so). Sadly, they do not provide a tracking # so you know your charter is coming and plan for its glorious arrival. So I thought to create this post to track the receipt of the charters by those who passed L II in November and became CAIA members. I am based in the USA and would assume that delivery dates will vary, not only within the States but more so for Int’l deliveries.

I have had the CAIA frame, still in its shipping box, for over a month and half now. I’m looking forward to receiving the physical charter to fill that empty frame so I can finish decorating my wall.

Please comment/report on this post when you receive your physical charter, if you wish.


Good idea! I am also looking forward to the charter arriving. I sent an e-mail to CAIA today to find out what address it might be shipped to as I have recently changed address between Passing and Now.

I am based in the UK.

I thought it was lost in the mail but it’s good to know it’ll be on its way soon. I’m based in Aus so expecting it to take a fair while.

I wish it was the same size as the CFA charter so it could match. I guess the CAIA is a much more reasonable size though. It would be great if they could also send an A4 size version with it as well for my desk/show my employer. *Bill Kelly - hint hint!*

Its a great feeling to receive the charter paper. Congrats on passing

Got it at noon today…

Got mine today, via US Postal Service (I’m in the Washington, D.C. area). I didn’t like that there was no protective cover on it - I just opened up the cardboard envelope and it was in there. Luckily it didn’t get smudged or wrinkled.

Got mine yesterday. it looks AWESOME in the CAIA Frame…

Whenever I was beat down from studying or felt bad about spending time away from my family, I envisioned the moment that I will be hanging my CAIA Charter on my office wall. Now, this is all behind me and the Charter on my office wall! It is really worth it.

Has anyone got charter number 10,000?

My charter came today!

The dimensions are 11" x 14" (28cm x 35.5cm), so I’m thinking of this Ikea job, the insert should fit quite nicely.

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Anyone who is not based in US got their certificate?

DM me @rexkicker. Always happy and willing to listen to what is on the minds of our Members. :slightly_smiling_face:

still havent received the certificate, anyone who is not US based face the same?