Physical Charter

Has anybody got their physical charter yet , for those who was awarded charter on the results day itself ?

I was awarded the charter on results day, and receieved the physical charter this Tuesday, Sept. 8. (Mailed to NY)

Same here - awarded the charter on August 11th… Got it in the mail yesterday.

Got it last week. San Francisco.

I am still waiting for mine! Got my charter on the 11th of Aug as well. Thanks everyone for the responses !

Got mine last week as well. Charter Number #165587. Has the August 11th date on it.

What is your Charter Number? Just wondering if I was one of the first ones to receive the physical charter from the Class of 2015. If I remember correctly, we are the 53rd Class.

Congratulations to all!

thanks! Mine is I think about 100 numbers later than yours . I think it’s not about the charter numbers, but also the fact that I live outside of United States and even outside the North America, the postal communication would take some time , so probably I will get it in the next few days . Congrats to you too ! What you mean by 53rd class ? Thanks

Got my Charter on Aug 12th, still waiting for the physical charter. Looking at the respones above, seems it would be only a few days away…hopefully. Congratulations to all of us again !

Congrats! I got the charter on the 11th . Still waiting for the physical charter. Hopefully it will arrive within the next few days , must be postal delays since we both live outside the United States . Please post here when yours arrive

Got it :slight_smile:

You buying the frame online ? Any links?

I have already ordered the frame from Framing Success .

by the way when were you awarded charter ? Did u receive your physical charter ?

Got mine in the mail today! At least, I assume that’s what it is. I got a big roll-shaped parcel from CFA Institute, haven’t opened it yet. Too excited for that, and I’m at work anyway. I got my charter awarded on August 21.

Got it in my post box today !

Thanks for the update . I still have not received mine . I have given my work PO box for the delivery . Just want to check with you if the parcel looked like a tube , if yes were able to put it into your postel box in the post office . I am just concerned since this is a PO box and will they return the parcel back if it doesn’t fit in to the PO box . Thanks

It’s 17x22? Is that the size its always been?

Hello ! Is there anyone like me who got their charter awarded on 11th of Aug, but still waiting for their physical charter ?

Awarded the charter on August 30th. Received the physical charter yesterday.

I’m in the same situation as you Dirar. Any luck yet?

Anyone in South Africa who received theirs?

I meant got delivered to my address couple weeks back…not directly in my post box as the delivery is in a cylindrical shaped box (charter rolled into it)